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Sugar Radio.Run by community participants, SUGARADIO epitomises a station in the community, for the community. Community radio fills an important role in also being a companion for the elderly and/or infirm that are house-bound. I know of people who haven't been out of their residence for five years and our community station is their only constant source of companionship. Overall the carefully planned content and engagement opportunities provided by community radio stations contribute to enhancing listeners' emotional well-being, reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation, and promoting mental health through community connection and support.


The Community Radio provides a platform to communities to air local voices on issues concerning Health, Nutrition, Education, Agriculture etc. Since the Community Radio broadcast is in local languages and dialects, people are able to relate to it instantly.

Everything we do here is in house. From website construction. Server side builds. Bespoke studio mixing desk. To help with funds we offer Tee Shirt Printing PA Hire Computer repairs to name but a few. Our aim is to give the local community its own voice. To help us one moment of kindness please. Thank You Mike Salmon
We are updating our website over the next few days, some links may not work. Doris from Doncaster texted us could you please play some Coldplay. Why not has been uploaded to our playlist servers.

So, how can you support your local community radio station? It's simple: tune in, spread the word, and if you can, donate or volunteer. Whether you're a music lover, a debate enthusiast, or someone who just wants to know what's going on in your area, community radio has something for you. It's about time we celebrate these unsung heroes of the airwaves for the invaluable service they provide. Who knows, you might just discover your new favourite show - or even decide to host one yourself!

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Question: Who owns SugaRadio? Answer: "Everyone"
Question: What is SugaRadio about ? Answer: "Community well-being"
Whatever your skills or experience, we are always looking for volunteers who are passionate about well-being of our community. We here believe SUGARADIO is a world first, a virtually totally green radio station, EVERY THING WE DO IS IN HOUSE. From our WEBSITE to NETWORK SERVERS situated in our PEOPLE CAVE, 90% of our equipment has been recycled from sound mixing desks to our servers dismantled and rebuilt to highest standards all with the help of our volunteers helping to reduce emissions for the better of our planet. In the future we are aiming for renewable energy to power the station. We also offer Tee Shirt Printing Service to raise funds. WE NOW NEED YOUR HELP. "CAN YOU"?

Our struggle is over the last 2 years, Covid and lack of financial support; have led to us having to give up our small working station and we are looking into finding a new one over the next few months. At that time any person broadcasting on our station and in full employment, will be asked to donate a small monthly fee. (Some may be exempt at our discretion and dependant on circumstances.)

Thank You Mike Salmon. SugaRadio, Your Town, Your Station.

Community Radio



Beyond entertainment, community radio has an educational thread running through its programming. Offering training and experience in broadcasting and media production, it's a stepping stone for many into the media world. For anyone dreaming of a career behind the mic or the mixing desk, these stations are a goldmine of opportunity. 


Moreover, in times of crisis, these stations become lifelines, providing crucial information and support to their listeners. They're a reminder that in our increasingly globalised world, local is not just a place - it's a feeling of being connected and involved.




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With over 1000 visits a week its a no brainer. £20.00 for 4 weeks


All adverts are voice-over 30 secound cuts. Every hour for 4 weeks £40.00


Studio recorded adverts Phone for price. Every 20 minutes for 4 weeks £60.00


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